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This project, as my earlier, target is to use so much original so called ”fits number” parts as possible.  Many times its also possible. Sure, old rallyparts are mainly worn and they need some extra care, but I think it´s worth of spend lot of time with really parts. In this case, AYA-10, which I like to use also in really Historic rallying in the future, some specific NOS parts are used also. Just because my Co-Pilot have some old stock left.

Jarrujäähdytyskilvet ennen maalausta

Antilla syyskuu 14 (10)













Front wheel discbrake cooling wings. Original AYA stuff; rosted, smashed but after powder coating looks fine out.

Antilla syyskuu 14 (9)













Many other parts get also powder coating.

Antilla syyskuu 14 (8)













Used and rusty original Saab suspension & body bolts, nuts, screws after zinkbath

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Easier will be buy new ones, but to find new UNC/UNF bolts wiht right end labeling which should be in SAAB bolts, thats hard task. So I decide collect a lot old ones and let zinc company rezinc original ones.

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Antti find out complete NOS Saab 95 deliwery rear axle. Springs are old ones with powder coating finishing. Nuts and bolts old rezinced.














Here in this photo; only Bilstein Shock and Brembo disc are new. Other items old ones from this car. Just a lot of time investment to make them look good. If thse brand new Bilsteins doesn´t work well, I will reinstall those 40 year old bilsteins I have used in the past. Those old ones, some rusty and damages outside, looks funny otherwise nice looking wheelhousing. Thatfore new ones- no time to paint old ones now. End of september is so close.


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