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Racing class : Team : Model year : Model : Drivers : Registration : AEU- 502 Engine : 1815cc, dual exhaust Power output : 165hp with Weber´s and 185hp 2 litre engine with Lucas Fuel injection Transmission : Special 2 gearset, steelhousing, LSD, 6:35 final gear Special / Notable : The car is saved and belongs to privat Collection

Kuukanpää 76_mauno nieminen

1000 Lakes rally 1976, SS Kuukanpää. Photo Mauno Nieminen. I got this photo from his son Markus. Thanks a lot of sharing this typically 1000 Lakes view for all of us.

Here below, some new photos from Suur-Saimaan ympäriajot 2013, which I got from Alex Enin from Russia. Thanks, nice photos.

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I find out nice AEU -502 related Video´s from Youtube:

– 1000 Lakes Rally 1976:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgMAxs3IHX0


– Jörgen Trued´s nice clip from Trollhattan Saabfestival 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=midWjYw5pUY

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  1. jt

    ”Masters at the wheel”
    around 9:00…9:15 there are short flashes of
    AEU-502, AEC-501 and AAN-504.

    – jt

    • jt

      Sorry, it’s probably AAN-304.

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