Kilpailusääntöjä 4 kpl

 – Leaflet of FIA Asian Pasific Rally Championship serie 2000. This is good quality leaflet for collector. – PTV Paalupaikka Rally regulations – 2 x 1000 Lakes Historic Rally regulations  Price 10 € / each/ kpl

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Jyskälä sanomalehtiä

   Set of Newspapers/magazine from 1000 Lakes Rally. Mainly from 90´s. Something for WRC serie or 1000 Lakes enthusiast ? Include interviews (for example Simo Lampinen and other Finnish rally heroes), starting list, routes etc. / Kokoelma lehtiä Jyskälästä  10 €

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JU 52 etsintä esite vuonosta 001

Nice Leaflet in good Chape. Story about saving old Luftwaffe JU 52 from Norvegian Fjord. Collector item. / Harvinainen Junkers esite. 50 €

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Idrotsbladet Motorsport 1995_2001 001

 Absolutely the best Rally/Folkrace- magazin in Sweden in 90´s. Here is big bundle of them with many interesting articles from Stig Blomqvist, Marcus Grönholm etc. ( by the way, is sad that this kind of magazine with nice rally ads doesn´t exceed anymore) 50 €   

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Gti Lehtiä

   10 €

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