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Complete but rusty original delivery Van. SOLD

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Kopio BSX-12 001

Coming soon for sale. Autenthic piece of Saab´s works rallying. Amazing, but this car has still its same, original body which has been all the time from beginning. Known rallyhistory from 1971 to 2001.  Something for real collector ?Who really understand what is the difference between real stuff vs. reblica […]

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Sivusta siiven kanssa 15.8.09 002

Coming soon for sale. Rarity, non renotaved real stuff from 70´s.  This amazing piece of Saab´s rallycross history has survived thru all the years, and is seeking new home/museum. Price: best offer

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Katsastuksessa 001

Coming soon for sale. One of the wery first Saab with T16 Turbo engine. Originally M84 Aero, nice shape. Price: best offer

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Wery powerfully Group 4 Turbo for sale. Build as works 99`s droven by Stig Blomqvist. – Real gearbox ”strora lådan” – AP brakes – Porsche 928 Fuel Injection etc. – 250 + Hp / 300 Nm + engine. Easy take over 300hp. – New FIA Appendix K passport, valid until […]

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