Waiting for the summer… Here’s a short clip from last year: Tikkis putting the AYA-10 through its paces. Sounds pretty awesome to me! Tommi

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One of the original two Saab Works Finland Saab 99 EMS rally cars is for sale! Not many details on the listing at Nettiauto.com, but you can check some more info on our site at Saab 99 EMS AJB-601.

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Benefit to roll over in countryside, tractor help is easy to find. Thanks Farmer !

By Tikkis Jag gasar tills den rasar! One of good rallydrivers slogan in swedish. It means like a “maximum attack until something blow up”. Rantaralli hold on 8. October in Turku region. We get good sponsoring for one our support partner; 2 brand New Kumho- tyres to that rally. After […]

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The ”Semi-Works” Saab 96 USK-13 is being restored by a fellow Saab Club member Gustav. Here’s a couple of photos – hopefully Gustav gets around to writing a few lines about the car… USK-13 is not an official Saab Works Finland Rally Car but it was built at the premises […]

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Here’s some video footage of the AYA-10 in action: Länsirannikon ralli 2011, Finland. Video by Jent Motorsport Video: www.jent.fi. Some pictures:

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