CT crossflow- manifold`s from England aren`t best maded rallyparts for SAAB. Casting is mostly porous and soft. Also adjustment between suctioncover and suctioncurves are mainly poor. To improve that, some welding and ”helicoil”- thread as well adjustment were necessary. Here hints how to do proper alignment.

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As usual, some threads were broken because of too heavy tightening of the bolts in the past and poor casting quality of the CT manifolds.

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How to be sure that you tight intake curves to right position against intake cover if the bolt holes are allready with so big tolerance ?

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The difference can be large depending if you have more or less lucky…

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To solve that problem I screw curves to peace of board and drill 3mm hole thru the mounting flange.

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After positioning curves to right position I dril marks thru the flanges to the intake cover.

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Just small marks with 3mm drill. Then drilling smaller hole for 2,5mm adjustment pin.

Imukäyrien korkkitiivisteet

I find out, that Saab 96 inner drivesaft joint you can find out suitable pins for alignment purpose. Cork sealings are glued to place and afterwards cut in the right size.

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After succesfully job, intake curves meet perfect intake cover.

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Ready to race delivery. Notice that manifold curves are slighty machined inside to fit 45mm carburettors. And of course, because we Finns live near by Artic Circle, engine heater element is a must (Blue thermal resistance by Calix). And sure, in this case, pure stuff from 70`s.

Written by Tikkis

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  1. Rolf

    Conc C/T manifold.
    To be frankly this manifold is one of the worsed manufactured ever made to V4. We tested it early 1970 and it gavedlower hp then 2 staying carburettores. 2 of the over manifold have beeen made with smaller diameter and the flow in this manifold is terrible.
    More they leaked a lot and had a very bad casting. My advise is to use something else. Sorry ;-)

    • Tikkis

      You are right Rolf. I like to tested it in any way because I have good memories of CT manifold (except poor casting quality). I also think It will be much better for 1,6 liter Saab V4 than Saab´s original Cross Flow because of shorter canals to the sylinder. Let see how the engine will work

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