Oilpump need some tune up.

Old tricks which works even today. Tune up is simply and cost effective. You just open the cap which press pressure regulator spring. This I have done in a past two different method; 1) drill hole to the cap and screw steel screw thru the cap, or 2) weld some piece of sheetmetal/small botl to the cap. After that you just pull the cap out by using some tongs and maybe help with some hammer and vise.

After the cap is out, you just finished it to proper shape again and put an extra washer towards spring. I would suggest 1 washer. Ones I try 3 and It makes too high oil pressure. Too hight oil pressure can cause severe damage such a oilfilter blow up or oilpump driving saft broken. How hight the oil pressure will be after that trick ? Well, it depends many things, for example how tight or loose bearing clearance you have in the engine. It should be after tune up something between 4-5 bar in normal condition, and after rally Special Stage when oil is hot, something like 3 bar. We will see afterall how its in this case.

Caution: its bossible that when using  High Volume oilpump you dont need tune up pressure spring at all. It can cause too high pressure and oilflow. Max recommendaple pressure for oilfilter is round 7 bar, so make sure after first start that pressure is round 4-6 bar.

Other thing which should be necessary in gravel road rallies with jumps, is suction pipe strenghtening by welding some piece of sheet metal as shown in photos. It has happened in the past, that leg has break down and hole pipe has been supported only to the oilpump. Weakpoint is near suction strainer.

After you have checked that drive saft is good enough, it should be good idea turn oilpump via drive saft with wrench and make sure oilpump turn easy. And of course, dont forged put oil inside pump before assembly.

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