Well well. It seems that I dont have nothing to do, so I decide to proof if I can make one crazy idea reality. Since many years I have had dream & and also some parts to do fuel injected V4 rallyengine by using old parts from late 60`s and early 70`s. Thats because I like to respect those old glory days for Saab`s rally & racing history and also because its the only way if I like to use fuel injected V4 in modern historic rally under FIA regulations. I bought some parts many years ago and noticed allready at the time that some important parts missing.

So, start for that project was late summer, when one my friend helped to do proper CAD- drawings for machining workshop. I let workshop do their best, and now in this week I got some nice parts for the project. My target is, that this engine will be running after 2-3 years, because all this time consuming thinking & working is made freetime if some extra time is available.

Here some picture about SAAB V4 Kugelfischer-  engine:

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  1. melle

    Brilliant, I’ll be following this with interest.

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