Gearbox inspection

8.3.2013 Vaihteisto kunnon arviointi 001

After washing it looked as this; colourfully as a leopard.

8.3.2013 Vaihteisto kunnon arviointi 006

Gearbox housing has changed in late 60`s. Previous owner told me, that one time the inner drivesaft broke and destroy the housing. That fore he was forced to change the housing. In this case, the housing looks to be some evolution model from two strokes to V4. There is still the same V4- mark as long nose 2t, but the difference is deep ribs behind differential. Notice also handmade mark “PA” left up – That’s previous owners sign PA= Pertti Aronen.

11.3.2013 Vaihteisto pestynä 002

One interesting optional equipment is extra gearbox side support. On the left you see Saab Sport & Rally / Group 1 side support, Saab # 7104698.

10.3.2013 Vaihteiston maalinpoisto 007

Because it was unclear what is the original colour of the gearbox, I decide to make it nicer anyway. I use paint remover which “burn out” old painting.

10.3.2013 Vaihteiston maalinpoisto 009

Finishing by using high-pressure washer made good result. Drivesaft joints as well as gearbox cover I painted beige. Its not 100% right way, but now it looks okay.

26.3.2013 Kytkinhaarukan parannusta 004

Important thing is look how clutch fork look. In this case, it needed little strengthening welding. Notice also one extra locking pin. Sometimes clutch fork loose from pivot axel. Here is a duple pin in each hole!

8.3.2013 Vaihteisto kunnon arviointi 010

Opening gearbox cover from a car which has been use last time year 1980 is sure exciting moment. Normally all the gears are rusted. Amazing, but not in this case. I think the car has moved sometimes during the years, so all the gears has been lubricated and saved. The oil in the gearbox was also thick, so it was not dissipated in the air. I will still make my first driving with this same oil, so good it looks when I turn gears by hand.

Notice also how Pertti has made a tiny groove to sealant.

  8.3.2013 Vaihteisto kunnon arviointi 008                                                                                                                                                                                       












When I called to Pertti, he told that the gear set is some development set to Monte Carlo. That means something from step from two strokes to V4. Maybe some reader knows more about those numbers ( N- 654) write in the gear?




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