Clutch wire – Hand made DIY-solution works !

Clutch wire totally broken, and spare unit was nearly same condition. I want test how works homemade wire.

24.3.2013 Kytkinvaijerin teko 002

24.3.2013 Kytkinvaijerin teko 001

I find out nearly new shape clutch wire from Escort or Starlet; it was raw material for my experimental DIY- wire.

24.3.2013 Kytkinvaijerin teko 003

After cutting wire for right lenght, it was time to look proper wire ending.  What is better than an old rallylights support legs joint..

24.3.2013 Kytkinvaijerin teko 005

….Which I stapled tigthtly to the wire by using a special tool.

26.3.2013 Kytkinvaijeri kunnostettuna 002
Finishing soldering tin.
26.3.2013 Kytkinvaijeri kunnostettuna 003













Other ending looks like this.

27.3.2013 Kytkinvaijerin kiinnityspisteen modaus

Because of the special ending in other end, it was necessary to weld sheet metal ring which cross the wire into right position.

26.3.2013 Kytkinvaijeri kunnostettuna 001

The job is done !

More easier &  faster way is here :





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