Here come last restoration story about Saab -62 UrSpecial. I hope least some of readers has get inspiration and usefully hints when repairing own TwoStroke. As this restoration has been more or less respect for the cars fantastic Saab history, I made a lot of work also with original exhaust pipes which I get loose with the car.

Many of you readers should have chosen more simply way by byuing brand new pipes for example from XP- Niklas; www. , but I feel more challenching to repair those old rallypipes I got with the car; how knows if those has been fitted for some Works Saab Sport in 60´s ? Anyway they looked well and hard used. There was one main problem, the pipes and mufflers where damaged baddly and fitting to the car was not possible without some extra work. To manage this, I let lokal machining workshop made some special tool for remolding the pipes and mufflers.

14.2.2013 Äänenvaimentimet pestynä 004

Surface rusty & 100% genuine Saab Sport/MC parts from 60´s

20.4.2013 Pakoputki lommojen oikaisu 001

Strenghtened Saab Sport exhaust pipe was smashed underwards and disassmbled out. Former owner has saved a lot of spare parts for the car during past 50 years. Thanks for that, I have possibility to reinstall many original parts to the car.

20.4.2013 Pakoputki lommojen oikaisu 002

Saab Sport rally exhaust from 60´s.

20.4.2013 Pakoputki lommojen oikaisu 010

Well, not so round anymore.

28.4.2013 Pakoputken etukäyrän muokkaus (1)

Thanks for living countryside, handy machining workshop made me special tools without any complicate CAD drawings, I just explains my needs.

20.4.2013 Pakoputki lommojen oikaisu 003

Here you can see better how bad condition the pipe was.

20.4.2013 Pakoputki lommojen oikaisu 005

The only way was to tapped dents outwards by using special tool which was round 1mm smaller diameter as pipes inside diameter.

20.4.2013 Pakoputki lommojen oikaisu 006

To make sure, that special tool doesn`t stuck, I used grease to the round end.

20.4.2013 Pakoputki lommojen oikaisu 008

Here why the tool must be machined thin- because of the corner.

20.4.2013 Pakoputki lommojen oikaisu 007

After hammering tool inside the pipe, dents were mainly straight. Tool get out when hammering backwards to the tool shoulder.

28.4.2013 Pakoputken etukäyrän muokkaus (3)

Front silencer need its own tool with another dimension. I find out this good method to fix hole system back to duty.

28.4.2013 Pakoputken etukäyrän muokkaus (2)

Third special tool was machined iron bar, which I used when bending right angle to the douple pipes front.

4.3.2013 Äänenvaimentimien maalaus 008

Front silencer 5_66 made by Ebersbacher after sandblasting.

4.3.2013 Äänenvaimentimien maalaus 004

Rear silencer with nice Saab logo.

4.3.2013 Äänenvaimentimien maalaus 001

After sandblasting, I paint hole exhaust system with Tikkurila Thermal paint.

20.4.2013 Pakoputki lommojen oikaisu 012

Thermal paint get its hardness when warming. I used first elektrikal blower, but it was too weak.

5.3.2013 Äänenvaimentimien maalin lämpökäsittely 004

Just some smoke comes out. Enought to finish painting but far away what need when cleaning 2 storke exhaust´s inside.

11.4.2013 Pakoputkiston Kosan_liekitys 001

Kosan gas rules. All the twostroke stuff burn out and hopefully the system serve now some extra horsepower vs. doing nothing.

11.4.2013 Pakoputkiston Kosan_liekitys 002

After half an hour burning it was time to cool down.














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