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 Thanks for my Swedish Saab-friend- Erik Randa- I get the right colour number ”Y2 Safari Beige” which I had already forged. I got with the car two cans its original repaint. There were some interest things; if they were still in usable condition, I guess- used last time in 70´s! Other thing was that in cans is spelled paint colour “Safari Brun”?? The third interesting thing was, that when you look closely the cans, you could see the difference between Saab’s parts number???!

 So I call to the previous owner- the car’s first owner until 2005. He said interesting thing; “ it was common in 60´s that depending of paint manufacturer the paint was named as “Safari Beige” or “Safari Brun”, but the paint itself is same colour “. He also mentioned that they already wondered the thing in old days. It would be nice to hear if other enthusiast or older guys could agree this interesting thing. This same issue has become to me also when travelling with my 95-62 AT-600 round Sweden, and when Saab-friends there have different opinions when discussing about the colour. One says its “Safari Beige” as Erik, and other say “Safari Brun”. Maybe it’s depending the colour manufacture, as the previous owner said.

25.1.2013 Maalin sävytys Safari Beige Y2 004

See the difference between Saab’s part numbers. These repaints I got with the car. Last time used late 70´s!

25.1.2013 Maalin sävytys Safari Beige Y2 001

I was curious to see how old paints have survived.  I cut the dried surface with a knife from smaller can. The bigger one was- amazing- in liquid form!

25.1.2013 Maalin sävytys Safari Beige Y2 005

One hint: when doing colour experiments, it is important that you have the original paint comparable to. That fore you need absolutely original paint, which hasn’t any dirt on it. “Farecla G7” or similar grinding wax (without any silicon!) is good method to clean the reference surface. I find out that engine rooms loose ventilation plate was good tool to use as reference.

25.1.2013 Maalin sävytys Safari Beige Y2 012

In the forefront you can see the differences between big and small paint cans. I don’t know if the difference is because of different serial number, or because of the smaller can has that dried surface which can contain necessary colour components, and that fore results faulty tint. Paint in the small can was absolutely too red and that fore not usable.

25.1.2013 Maalin sävytys Safari Beige Y2 014

Because of limited quantity of the right Saab- colour, I need to save it for important places as visible places in engine room, and outside repairs in car body.

That fore I made decision, ambitious decision, to mix more paint on my own. I use Alkyd-based paints, which I have several colours already in my hobby garage. I took 1 litre can with round 2 dl white colour. Next step was mixing Beige LADA-colour on it. Not good. So need mix some screwdriver dipped yellow as well some more dipped red- colour. After doing and tested that several times to the ventilation plate, and meanwhile add some 0,5 dl dark brown the result slowly but surely reach the target in acceptable level.

25.1.2013 Maalin sävytys Safari Beige Y2 009

Here you can see the end result; the third brush stroke in the left under tiny brush. Quite good result without any code how to do it. Maybe thanks for my childhood studies in Rudolf Steiner– School, where we made lot of paintings with watercolours and that way learnt how to mix colours. Thanks for that Mr Steiner!


 Engine room paintings

26.1.2013 Konehuoneen saumojen Rust Stop käsittely 006

Typically rust area. I took loose rust away with screwdriver and then work with “Rust stop”- liquid. I test that method now in this car- how it really works. The main idea is, that you don’t need to grind metal and that way disturb metal to too thin. Its also good advantage, that you can hold the treatment area so small as possible. By grinding, its usually take away also paint which is in good condition. After some years, I know if that was good working method.

 28.1.2013 akkukotelo Rust Stop käsittelyssä

Rost Stop- liquid is like milk. Before brushing it, I have taken all the loose rost and dirt away with wire brush, sandpaper, or just with thinner cloth- case by case. In any case with thinner clothe finishing. 

28.1.2013 Lämppärin moottorin Rost Stop-käsittely 002

Just test, how it works to heater fan.

28.1.2013 Lämppärin moottorin Rost Stop-käsittely 003

Looks good. Fan electrical unit has cleaned with thinner cloth.

28.1.2013 tuliseinän paikkamaalaukset tehtynä 00128.1.2013 tuliseinän paikkamaalaukset tehtynä 002

In visible places I use Saab rep.paint. The colour seems to be very close. Take a look also to windshield washer can holder. It was light rusted and I handle also it with Rost Stop- liquid.

29.1.2013 Konehuoneen Rost Stop-käsittely 001

Engine compartment rusty places handled with Rust-Stop liquid.

29.1.2013 Konehuoneen Rost Stop-käsittely 004

After chemical prosecc, the Rost Stop- liquid change its colour to black in the places were has been rost. Other places were you have put it, have just thin layer dried stuff which feel like a candle wax.

29.1.2013 Vasen torni Rost Stop-käsittely ja Tinneripestyna 001

After the process is over, its absolutely necessary cleans the whole handled area out of this “oil/plastic/candle wax- feeling stuff”. I washed with thinner cloth. When the extra stuff is taken off, the original rusty places looks still dark, and fresh steel is shiny as it should be. Its also important to clean the entire extra stuff out of the painted surfaces.

29.1.2013 Vasen torni Würth Sinkkimaalattuna 002

Priming with Zinc paint. Now its important to notice that by using Alkyd- based paints, its not possible later on clean the paint surfaces by using heavy liquids as thinner. Alkyd will softens and dissolves! I made decision to use alkyd- paints mainly because of two reasons. 1) The car has already lot of bruhsrepair painted overall, and I haven’t 100% sure if they have made with proper car paints. 2) I will keep cost down with this restoration. I also had good collection of alkyd- colours in own stock.

There are some benefits when using Zinc-paint. If the corrosion process tries to start again in critical areas, the Zinc will fight against it. Because it’s impossible to take all the rust away between two layers of sheet metal, Zinc-paint works as a securityguard´s in restaurant doors- they throw away non-invited guest.

30.1.2013 Konehuone Miranol omakoktail maalattuna 005

Finished with homemade cocktail paint.     

      30.1.2013 Konehuone Miranol omakoktail maalattuna 002 













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