It was time to took my first rally car out of Garage and show it for public. Annual Classic Motorshow and its theme of the year round Finnish rallyheroes was good motivation for that.

During weekend peopple were interested about the car and wondering ”where are the Webers ?” Nearly nobody, expect those worksteam mechanics whos visit also in our exhibition stand, havent newer heard or seen Saab V4 with fuel injected engine. Best comment was from ca 25year old guy who wondering what kind of ECU that injection have…? ”Well, in this case with Lucas Competition injection there is non computer at all”, I answered.

High light in our stand was absolutely when old Saab Works team staff made long visit and when Works driver´s Simo and Tapio made their visit. Actually Tapio Rainio visiting twice and looks happy when his old Saab is still alive. Tapio drove AEC-501 from 1974 to 1977. In that period the car was equipped with Lucas injection , and its probably the only totally original nonrenovated Works Saab left with that kind of system.

Classic Motor Show wasn´t the only happening was involved in. Early saturday morning was time to annual Classic Tour for enthusiast vehicles. Start was Lahti city market place. Friend of mine, Heikki Vilkman asked if I have any original Blue&White Works Saab in driving condition. He needed it as a pre/ VIP- car to the route. I have had little bit hurry whole winter, and hadn´t time to test drive my Historic Rally Saab AYA-10. So why not, Heikki should do that ? That was brilliant Win-Win situation. Now Ex Works Leo Kinnunen 96 V4 is testdrived and we were secured that the car least hold 100km driving. Next rally with the car will be 21th may.

Here some photos. Thousand thanks for all the visitors. It was really nice to notice how many of ours respects the job I have made during the years when saving Finnish & SAAB`s rallyhistory. Even sponsors and some journalist have noticed that, thing that I really appreciate.



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