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Racing class : Team : , Model year : Model : Drivers : , Registration : Engine : Original engine: 2 litres V4 with Lucas fuel injection, round 190 hp. Nowdays engine 1815cc round 140hp Power output : 140 hp Transmission : Special 2 gearset, ripped steelhousing, LSD Special / Notable : Hydraulic power steering. The car has build wery professional and used Succesfully in Rallycross, Ice Track and Hill Climp Competitions in Sweden up to late 90´s. Belongs nowdays to private collection.

In English: This rally-cross Saab 96 V4 has been brought from Sweden to Finland.  Extremely lightened body; Glass fiber hood, boot lid, fenders. Doors only have skins. Plastic windows, etc. The car had Lucas fuel injenction when bought (very rare!). Power steering also.

The seller didn’t know much of the car so any info is very welcome: saabworks@gmail.com




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