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Racing class : Team : , Model year : Model : Drivers : , , Registration : ACN-403 Engine : 1815cc, dual- exhaust cylinder heads, Cross-Flow inlet manifold, 2 x Weber DCOE 45 S16 Power output : 165 hp Transmission : Special 2- gearset, 6:35 final gear with LSD Special / Notable : Original Bluewhite car Ex works Jari Vilkas. After worksteam period Antero Laine drove succesfully with this car as a member in famous Nortti Rallye- team. The car exceed still and belongs to private Collection. Keep in touch, story will Continue !

Juslin Disc 6 Jysklä 74 ehkä

1000 Lakes 1974/ Jari Vilkas- Juhani Soini. Photo Henrik Juslin.

ACN-403 Suurajot -74_Jari Vilkas

1000 Lakes Rally 1974/ Jari Vilkas- Juhani Soini

VM 1_76 Antsan Pohjola rallin voitto

VM 1_76 Antsan Pohjola rallin voitto sivu 2

Pohjola- ralli 1975. Finish Championship rally which Antero Laine won with ACN-403. Jari Vilkas drove out with his AEU-503 as well as Tapio Rainio with AEC-501 (finished 16th overall), and Simo Lampinen´s fuel injected AEU-502 had bad lucky when crank  broken.

ACN-403 Nortin uudet vaatteet_VM


















After Works Team-period Antero Laine bought the car and asked to join famous Nortti Rally Club. Here is article of Team´s new caloured cars.

Nortti Klubitakki 7.1.2012 003

Nortti Rally Club has also tailor made club jackets ! They were used in prize giving ceremony.

ACN-403 Nuoret ritarit -77_VM

Hole Team was well organized and North State sponsored rally cup for young drivers.

ACN-403 Tunturi -76 edestä











Before start to Marlboro Artic rally 1976, near by Artic Sircle.

ACN-403 Rantaralli pätkällä edestä

Rantaralli 1976

ACN-403 Mänttä 200 -76


















Mänttä 200- rally 1976. Front of ACN-403 is Works Skoda, probably driven by Markku Saaristo.

Markun esittely Nortti rally clubilehdessä

After Antero Laine, ACN-403 was droven by Markku Reinikainen who get with the car also membership to Nortti Rally Team.

ACN-403 Kymen jääralli -77















Markku Drove well with the car and here example third overall and class winner in Kymen Jääralli which was special rally because all the Special Stages were over several frozen lakes.

ACN-403 Vihdin Viuhahdus

Rally sprint event, third position class over 1600 cc group 4.

ACN-403 kaadon jälkeen sivusta

Roll over. Unknown event and what happened for the car after that.

There is 20 years little bit unknown period before the car was founded in last minute before it went to the yank yard and final smelter. Last years the car has used as a ”Jokkisauto” or swedish version ”Folkrace”- car ( some kind of stock car/common rally cross class in Finland). This class has destroyed a lot of group 2 and 4 legendary rallycars in Finland. I really like to see if this old Works Saab shine someday as it should to do.

Löytökunnossa Jyskälä 1999

Last minute saving late 90´s.

FIN: onko sinulla kuvia kyseisestä autosta 80- ja 90 luvuilta ? auto ollut viimeksi rallikäytössä 80- luvun lopussa ja siirtynyt sieltä sprintin kautta jokkikseen. Tässä viimeinen kisa-asu. Auto majaillut Jyväskylän seudulla, joten lienee kierrellyt Keski-Suomen kisoja. Voit lähettää kuvat esim. sähköpostiimme saabworks@gmail.com tai sitten ota yhteyttä p. 0400- 96 96 96 niin sovitaan miten saisimme kuvat kopsattua yhteiseksi iloksi.










































































































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