I got sad news from London. Mr Saab, rallylegend, Erik Carlsson (86 years) has passed away wednesday 27th may . Erik fell down in his home three weeks ago, injured his back and punctured a lugn. He went to hospital and newer recover.

I remember when I met Erik first time in Trollhättan Saab festival 1992 with my 2- Stroke 95. Some years after, Saabfestival 1998 I come back with new renovated same Twostroker. It feel good when Erik remember me and noticed my fine renovating . I read his face that he was pleased when younger generation came to game keeping up SAAB spirit. It was amazing how he remember so many peopple after years, and how he has allways time to talk.


Saabworks.fi crew Tomi and Tommi have warm memories

RIP Erik


Saabfestival 2013. Tommi get Erik´s signature for his glove box lid.













Saab festareilla Trollhättanissa 2010 018

Saabfestival 2010. Erik and Tomi, two SAAB rallynuts in Saabmuseum reception.

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