Mekonomen workshop fairs hold in Stockholm 18. 2.2015 and what a suprise where midle of the event; Simo´s old Saab Sport !

Simo droves with this historical Sport 1965, and propably this is the example he used when winning Finnish Ice Race Championship 1965. I remembered also, that with similar white coloured Sport he also drove some rallies in same year, and/or year later.

Kytöjärvi 1965_Simo Lampinen

Kytöjärvi Ice Race 1965. Simo is leading. Might be same Saab Sport than this one in Mekonomen Fair ?














The car has found out by Finnish Saab Club member from yankyard more than one quartely ( 25 years Ü) ago, and I have had possible to look out when it has moved thru many owners for current owner; P-A Sjösted from Sweden. Lately it looks that car has survived back to life with some modernisations. P-A has an plan to use the car for swedish historic rallychampionship events and comeback will be next summer. I hope all best. Maybe reason to make rallytrip to Sweden and look how Sport singing in forest Special Stages ?

Please, here some photos:

WP_20150218_020 WP_20150218_018 WP_20150218_011 WP_20150218_014 WP_20150218_013 WP_20150218_017



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