Wonderfully event, nice peopple and near 1000 Saab from UrSaab to late 9-4X. What else Saab- nuts can dream about !

I tow with a trailer one Ex Works BlueWhite V4 to the event, just for show it for other rally insprated Saabist. We overnight with Tommi in Vadstena Camping, which was nice and clean place to stay, tens of Saab`s and probably near 200 enthusiast round the world. Here some photos from event.



Saab 95-61 and good idea put rearpart inside to the tent.


”Toppola” gang in place. It looks that Toppolas are coming more and more popular.


Vadstena Casttle from 1500 something. And of course, our UK friend, Ian was also there whit his beatyfully 95-73 equipped whit his national flag.


Rare 99 turbo silver from Finland. Made in, and sold only in Finland. And notice, only last yearhalf 1980. This one also registered winter -81.


Nice 95 badge. Was that originally in early 1960 models ?


German camp in Vadstena Camping. Thru enthusiast with pure attitude.


This couples were restored to nice shape. Late 92 model and one of the first 93, both are made in 1957. Good reason for collection.


Absolutely my highlight in hole trip. One of the first prototype Saab 95-59 with suicide doors. On the left cars new owner. The car has been in eweryday use nearly 50 years by fischerman, and he was relative of him. More historical this meeting was, when I understood that older gentleman on the right has been on duty when the car has been made by hand in late 50´s. Amazing moment for me, as a Saab 95-2stroke enhusiast.


Early Press photo situation when Saab produktion started beginning 50´s. Behind Saab Linköpin factory´s personal lunchrestaurant ”Terassen” Notice small three on the left.


Same ”press photo” reconstruated during IntSaab2016. And, notice the three on the left. Yes, years have passed. Nice idea from organization. Thank for that.


Saab 96 Special. Rare model with Sport engine, gearbox and wheelhubs/brakes.


Sunday Saab exhibition were front of Vadstena Castle. Ex Works Finland Tapio Rainio/ Stig Blomqvist AEC-501 get company from red Swedish Saab team inspirated V4. During the day, I started the Lucas Fuel Injected V4 engine time to time. Viewers interest was guaranteed !


Sonett V4 68-69 with so called ”RAC” wheels. Fit perfect to that car. But why that name ? Maybe Simo Lampinen won the RAC- rally 1968 with these rim- models ?










































































































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