After succesfully classvictory month ago was time to last rally of rallyseason 2016; Finnish Historic rally Championship Rantaralli. We dont have good memories about that rally because we roll over the car five ears ago on SS1 Seijainen. Well well, Same SS1, Seijainen was also this year challencing. Driving direction was different this year, but that legendary stages where for example Ari Vatanen has made his rollings, was too challenging for us again. One tightening right corner and absolutely wrong drivingline & too fast speed result rollover. The car looks like a raisin, but its not so bad actually. So if the time enough, we are back in January 2017.

Otherwise rally was nice example how different kind of Historic rallycars join our serie. Here some pictures.


Rare Mini Van like a 00/ VIP- car. NICE !


Austin Healey Sprite, Datsun Finn, BMW 1602, Toyota Corolla, Volvo 142, Renault 8 gordini, … and sure, some common Escorts.


0- cars where nice for Historic rally; Volvo 142, Saab 96 V4 and Works Wartburg; all of them replicas from some teams from 70´s. Good idea to use Historic rallycars as a 0-cars.




Too fast driving and wrong line result that driving line get to the loose gravel- game was over, practically


We use still 100% same tyres as 5-years ago; maybe little bit too hard rubber allready. NEW sponsors are wellcome..


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