After some bigger problems in the past one and half year, It was lately time to do ”Museum Car” inspection to the my two stroke projeckt; Saab 96 Ur Special.

In Finland, you have a possible to get cars over 30 years old for special register as a ”Museum Car”. Many cases its not a simply task, if you dont have your old car nice original shape, you need to restore your care to mind condition. For cars, which might have special historical value, you have possible to make that inspection after conservation. Benefit is, that after that inspection, you have lower insurances and the car is without annual car tax. Sametime annual trafic inspection is every second year for cars yonger than 1960. Car older than 1959 trafic inspection is every fourth year.

So, past two years I have conservate Ur Special; main target to secure technical functionally and road safety + keep those historical values of the car so visible as possible. Secondary some cosmetic works. If you look my previous post, you can find out what I have done. I still have some nice technical tips which I have documented. Because of lack of time (for example assembly bluewhite rally V4), I will publish those articles later on winter. Before that I will to re- register Ur Special and make AYA-10 ready to rallying.

Here some photos from last week

Museorekisteröinti iltana 4.11 (4)

Historical moment indeed. The car, Saab 96 Ur Special, in the wery same carage as 60´s together with Museum Car- inspectors and cars ( only ) two owners thru hole period 1962 onwards.

Museorekisteröinti iltana 4.11 (8)

Gentleman behind the car is father of the Saab 96 Special; Pertti Aronen. He was Ex Ferrari, Mercedes gullwing, Saab Gt etc rally&race mechanic from 50/60´s, and part of succesfully Finnish motorsport. Pertti owns his privat Saab 1962-2006, and used it daily until march 1980. After that the car has stayed several museums in Finland.


Museorekisteröinti iltana 4.11 (2)

Pertti- yearmodel 1930, and Saab Ur Special yearmodel 1962 in the very same homegarage as in 60´s. Right side some journalist and photographer. Mobilisti- magazine will publish strory of Pertti and his unique twostroke Saab in december issue.


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