Nice trip to Trollhättan and back with Ex Works Rally Saab 96 V4

My original target was to join Saabfestival with my project TwoStroker -62, but because of delay, I choose probably better alternative, Ex Work Simo Lampinen AEU-502 to join the event. Saabfestival 2013 was wery nice event, and it was one of my highlight in this year to meet Saabfriends from all over the world.

In this case, I took the car with trailer to Turku Harbour, and drove it to Trollhättan and back. As a usually older Saab´s also in this case hole trip finished without any technical problem. I get company from my rallymechanic & Tommi and his handmade Twostroke -64. We made also decission, that Tommi make bigger travel report concerning both + websites. So nice photos you can find out next coming days from















Tomi´s BlueWhite and Tommi´s Twostroke -64. Both works well, also trip back to Finland.















Simo and one of  his ”working place” in rally years 1975-1976


Good enthusiast trip is always when you find out some necessary parts for your hobby car. In this Trollhättan trip, roof track would had been necessary, so good parts where available in Saab Museums Outlet.

This photo is taken beside road from Trollhättan to Stockholm. After that shot, I get a phone call that AEU has won some price in Saab rally car-class or something. I come back to that issue when I get more info. The Cup has all ready arrived to Finland with other Saab enthusiast, so I got it later in this summer. Interesting !


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