This ”Winter” has been one of the shortest rallywinter I remembered- and probably the most weird for uss. All 3 Finnish Historic Championship rallies were planned to drove during one month, two weeks between rallies ! We were forced to change – because of Appendix K – regulations- our allready assembled reliable 1815cc douple exhaust worksengine for less powerfully singleport engine. Why that ?

Because missunderstanding and miss informed regulations for example Historic Rally Club of Finland`s homepage. We have still 38mm maingage and it had to be approved up to Historic rallies -75 (H1). We got two alternatives: new gages to the allready ready painted car or classified the car for older Historic class G2. We choose alt. #2, because I had some extra singleport engines available. First we install my 1600cc project engine with CT-manifold despite the fact engine wasn`t ready finished. And guess what, Oils comes out from oilfilter, exactly as I warned before If you tight oilpump spring too much ! So that was first ”Test Rally for the car” end of january (before Championship rallies) which finished at SS2.

Bar Leaks tiivistystä sylinterikanteen (14)

Long night before first rally. Engine #1; Antti looking adjusting during engine warm up. Middle of january, good winter.













Engine #2 installed, other 1600cc engine to the Savonlinnna HRT- rally, first Championship rally in the season. Thats works much better, and we finnished second in our class between two Escort TwinCam.

After rally, Antti wants that we continue rallying in 2000cc class ( its possible to classified car for different classies, you need just differenFIA- passport for the car).

Savonlinna HRT 31.1 (2)

Chiefmechanic doing tyre changes before Savonlinnna HRT start 31.1.2015.










Savonlinna HRT 31.1 (1)

Savonlinna HRT Starting place next to the Lake Saimaa.










HRT-JuhlaRalli2015+044 (1)

Winter`s only good rallyphoto got from Savonlinna. Thanks for mkpictures sharing that.












So, Engine #3, 1815 singleport installed, and even adjusted in dyno. Ewerything seems to be allright for next Championship rally; Mänttä 200- rally. Hole event was two day, start friday evening with two SS and continue 5 more SS`s on saturday.

ST Motors 11.2 (5)

Saab in ST-Motors dynotest. 135 hp and 200 Nm. Antti wondering if it makes good for such an old workmachine.. Dynotesting is such a challenging for old technic.










Mänttä HRT 13.2 (5)

Mänttä 200- rally. Shortest rally I have ever been when number`s attached to the door`s.











But, one of the most unbeliable happened just 10 minute before our starting time in Mänttä market place; cranksaft broke down ! What a frustration after all that works which Antti and I had made last yearhalf. During homeride (300km) in same friday night I got an idea which I told to my mastermechanic; We have a rallyholiday until Sunday 4am, how about if we look some solution out from my garage ?

Early saturday morning, after short sleep and morning coffee, from idea to action; engine # 4 installed. An 1750cc singleport engine which has stayed long time. Mänttä 200 rally Finished round 5 PM at saturday evening and we got ”new” engine running 3:45 PM. Engine sounds good, maybe not so powerfully but some kind of rallyengine anyway. After the car was ready to the next and last winter rally this year, Hankirally, destiny came to the came. Hole winter has been wery mild, and last three weeks specially so warm in Finland that organisators was forced to cancel Hankirally.

So, no wonder why there is not much to tell about this winter. Too many hours in garage doing engine changes besides those other things what has be done to the car. That`s motorsport !


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