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As a temporary timeout from rallying I have target to join interesting enthusiast happenings. One which has interested me a lot past years is “Suur-Saimaan Ympäriajot” which is a roadtrip to enthusiast vehicles minimum 30 year old. The name comes from Saimaa, what is the biggest Lake in Finland. Practically the run past small communities and villages thru Finnish countryside using asphalt roads. I can quess that it would be nice happening for foreign drivers also because of the slow tempo and possibility to see why Finland has nickname Land of 1000 Lakes. Actually we have nearly 200 000 Lakes…

This year was 20th run with 210 participants. Many like to wear old time clothes as our team also. I looked “Saab´s first 40 year” book, how people look like those days, and try to match so close as possible. Its nice to find out, that first time my life I really enjoy wear tie!

More photos you can find out from website:

Here some my own photos about happening and  two stroker; Saab 95 -62, 6623 (so the absolutely last one year model –62 ever made !)


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