Time to lift the engine to its place.  One of the most important thing to do in every Rally 96 is exhaust pipe strenghtening. Here some photos out of Saabs original Exhaust manifold and Y-junction; stuff´s from 70´s which were without strenghtening weldings. Those things shown here, are tiny things we Finns have learned thru decades how to survive from start to finish when gravel and stones hit pipe like a shotgun.

Pakosarjan Y_haaran vahvistus (2)

Saab original Rallypart; Exhaust Y- junction. You need to make some strenghtening weldings, if you want to drive fast and make good results in gravel rallies. Othervise the pipe will smashed and you dont have possible to fix it in the short service time during the rallies.

Pakosarjan Y_haaran vahvistus (3)

Here some usefully hint: If you weld sheet metal ( thickness 1,5 to 3mm) plate as a ski to the Y- section, it will help a lot of when driving over the rocks and stones in those special stages in bad condition. You dont need to slow down, just maximum attack without worrying how exhaust will survive.

Pakosarjan Y_haaran vahvistus (4)

Here Y-section from below. Just imagine the impact of the stones. Now we have lit bit better changes to survive to rally Finish. Bottom is also hole, so small stones and sand can fall down.

Pakosarjan Y_haaran vahvistus (1)

One of the weakest point is exhaus manifold joint to the Y-section. Just imagine what happens when stones hit to the flange ! I have some experience of that in my rallycarees beginning, some breaks because of that. The solution for that problem is to make steel ”Ski” over the flange. Its possible to weld both end after you have warm up engine (and exhaust) some times and make sure the bolts are tight, but I have tested and noticed its not a must.

Pakoputkisto (4)

Saab`s original Exhaust manifold have angle and thatfore it will smashed easily. I prefer more smooth corner, but in this case I want to make the hole car so close than possible as it was in glory days.

Pakoputkisto (3)

Hole exhaust systen is old one, as a collection or survived building kit. Some parts are from 70`s, some from are of my rallycareers beginning early 90`s and last corners are brand new. Notice that hole pipe is strenghtened with angle. If just the pipes could tell the stories of those thousand and thousand kilometers It has seen Finnish forest roads.

Pakoputkisto (6)

Old stuff with new rubberfastener.

Pakoputkisto (7)

New finalcorner. Angles both bottom and front . I have find out, that if you dont do that, the pipe will smashed. Now it have lit bit better changes to survive.

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  1. Bill Frenette

    Tommi, as usual you show us how an exhaust should be built to take the punishment of Rally Racing. Good work my friend. I definitely will save and have saved all your ideas.

    • Tikkis

      Hello Bill. Please, just use my tips, thatfore I write them.

      By the way, we are two guys behind these 2 homesites; Tommi (saabisti.fi) and me, Tomi ”Tikkis” (saabworks.fi). Just one letter difference 2M vs 1M.

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