Last summer I promised to make two serial story about 96-62 restoration. Until now, it has been busy to do that, but lately I managed to do that and share some ideas how to keep old Saab´s alive.

Waterpump restoration could be simply task, or not. In this case I faced problem when aluminium housing was stucked so strong that it was possible to break hole pumpcase. After some ”time out” I find out handy solution to fix sealing surface. Normally method is to leave loose aluminium case to machining workshop to refinishing sealing surface (steel ring) and thatway secure that new carbonsealing will fit watertight.

In this time, I let case been installed to the alternator and I made grinding work with my own drilling machine. Sure, it cant beat real machining, but it works practically. After first start and test trips waterpump leaks a little bit, but afterall, let say after some months, it has been tight. I guess, the final grinding is made by the carbon seal. Here some photos, step by step:

25.4.2013 Vesipumpun avaus  (2)

Saab twostroke alternator/waterpump assembly was in use up till 1964 (shornose Saab)

25.4.2013 Vesipumpun avaus  (5)

Waterpump cap open. Long pinbolts were totally stuck.

25.4.2013 Vesipumpun avaus  (9)

By using a hammer and screwdriver its possible to turn waterpump impeller out counterclockwise. Notice how screwdriver is located to the workbench and left handarm support alternator.

25.4.2013 Vesipumpun avaus  (8)

Hammer fit perfect to the impeller.

25.4.2013 Vesipumpun avaus  (6)

Impeller opening tools; hammer and screwdriver thru alternator coolingfan.

25.4.2013 Vesipumpun avaus  (12)

Opened waterpump impeller. Green slump is sealing unit.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (8)

Steel sealing ring in waterpump housing looks worn out. Otherwise housing were as a new inside.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (3)

Finishing impeller saft.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (2)

Old sealing unit before disassembly. Hole sealing was totally rosted stuck, and thatfore it has loose it`s movement which caused leakage.

25.4.2013 Vesipumpun avaus  (1)

NOS waterpump repairkit. New carbonsealing with rubber O-ring inside which sealed carbon to the impeller saft. The spring will push carbon against housing´s sealing surface (steel ring)

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (4)

Left old one, and NOS sealing on the right. Look the impeller, end of the saft is some rosted area. Luckyly, carbonsealings O-ring inside fit to the clean area. I used some waterpump grease to the O-ring.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (5)

Home made DIY- solution to the waterpump repairing I bought from Biltema.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (6)

Main items for special tool: mini grinding disk, 1/4 – 1/2 adapter and 14mm socket.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (7)

Grinding disk look´s right side, but hole is needed in the centre of the disk for alternator/waterpump saft.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (10)

Simply done by using drilling machine.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (13)

Grindig diskplate ready and installed to the 14mm socket. Grinding abrassive need also hole in the centre.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (11)

Now grinding disk fit perfect to the steel ring.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (14)

As a support platform I used old exhaust pipe sealing can; Gum Gum..

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (15)

Home made special tool; Crazy idea but it works.

29.4.2013 Vesipumpun korjaus (1)

Good enought to secure sealing after while.



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  1. Mike

    Thanks for posting this- the water pump on my 1962 96 just started leaking and so I’ve got mine torn apart right now. The pump body was seized, as was the the pump body on a spare water pump/alternator that was providedby the previous owner. I got them both free by scoring the outside corrosion with a utility blade, then applying copious amounts of penetrating oil, and lots of light taps- back and forth- with a rubber mallet. Maybe that will work for you if you’ve ever got to pull it again! Cheers! Mike.

  2. Al Tirella

    How did you secure the mini grinding disc into the socket end?

    Thank you

    • Tikkis

      Its made rubber, so its fits tight to socket

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