6. december is time to celebrate Finland independence day. 100-years has gone- up and down. Thanks for grandfathers we can now concentrate us to peacefully things like bluewhite hobbies or selling high quality finnish Sisu-trucks.

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By using Autorobot hydraulic straightening arm you can easily pull damaged area back its original shape.

It has been tight year, and almost nothing time to do anything in a garage. No either any special Saab happenings. After roll- over last autumn repairing of my Ex Works Saab has made slowly way, step by step. As a future investments, or maybe to secure I dont need […]

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Former SAAB- factory in Finland have wery good news. As a mark of respect after SAAB and Porsche- production period Valmet Automotive has signed next contract to produce Mercedes Benz CLK- models. That positive news results round 1000 new employment. And thats something special when for example VOLVO move sametime step by […]

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Ready made parts for Saab V4 Kugelfischer.

Well well. It seems that I dont have nothing to do, so I decide to proof if I can make one crazy idea reality. Since many years I have had dream & and also some parts to do fuel injected V4 rallyengine by using old parts from late 60`s and […]

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After succesfully classvictory month ago was time to last rally of rallyseason 2016; Finnish Historic rally Championship Rantaralli. We dont have good memories about that rally because we roll over the car five ears ago on SS1 Seijainen. Well well, Same SS1, Seijainen was also this year challencing. Driving direction […]

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