If you are interesting of some, dont hestitate to contact / jos jokin näistä kiinnostaa niin ota yhteys price: make an offer /tee tarjous

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NOS truck&passenger car transporttrailer. Little bit weird thing is that in photo is different passenger cars than in reality. Also the ordinary package was missing one passenger car. Maybe it was some kind of inflation in that time.

I got thisone from my mom as a travel souvenir from Rhodos. As a kid, I allready regognize that its so poor quality that I cant play with it, so I just saved it in its original package. Now I have wondered a lot of European politicans ( I guess, they […]

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Matchbox Kenworth 1982 002

   NOS Matchbox truck & trailer from year 1982 / Ajamaton Kenworth vuodelta -82 Price: make an offer / Tee tarjous

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TL lehtiä 70-luvun alusta sekalaisia kokoelma

 5-15€ each or 40€ all / 5-15€ kpl tai 40€ kaikki

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Team mainoslehti kokoelma

   Highlight in this collection is Helsinki ”Thunder” DTM leaflets as well as ESSO Dealer Motorsport magazines. Good collection for International rallycollector who is interested in Finnish rallying. / Kokoelma erilaisia Team- julkaisuja joista huippun Helsingin DTM-kisan julkaisulehtinen sekä ESSO Motorsportin julkaisut.  50 €

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