Rust Prevent, one of the most important thing in Scandinavia

Because of the long winter & salted main roads, old cars which has used year all around, are normally quit rusty. Good thing is, when you have specialized yourself for some specific car- model, you already notice your cars weak rusty points.

I have found, when dismantle ”spare part 96´s” that all those cars whose gearbox and engine´s have leak lot of oil to the engine bay, they actually are in good shape on critical ”rusty” area. So that fore I made decision use a lot of anti-corrosion Wax-oil.

23.3.2013 Konehuoneen RE suojaus 002

Here you can see one of the weakest area in Twostroke Saab. 2 layer of sheet metal are welded together and there is also one open hole   ( look above the drill) which serve wonderfully way to water to go in and make corrosion. I drill two 8mm holes and sprayed reinforcement  housing full of wax.

23.3.2013 Konehuoneen RE suojaus 001

Same thing above tie rod. For ”Concour de Elegance”- cars, I recommend drilling from wheel side, its less visible .

23.3.2013 Konehuoneen RE suojaus 013

Looks awfully, but its works- against corrosion.

23.3.2013 Konehuoneen RE suojaus 006

Drive saft tunnel and linking arm case is also one of the most typically rust area in wide collection of different Saab models; from two stroke 93 to OG 900. I taped tunnel holes, and sprayed side of the wheel housing  special rust prevent oil, named ”Finikor”.

23.3.2013 Konehuoneen RE suojaus 005

What a mess !

23.3.2013 Konehuoneen RE suojaus 011

Swinging arms can broken also, because of the rust. So, in- and outside Finikor spraying.

23.3.2013 Konehuoneen RE suojaus 008
Areas, which are more visible after gearbox and Engine are installed, I cleaned more. The idea was, that wax oil will be between the sheet metal layers, and so save the car for next generation.

Cabin rust prevent- with pine Tar, better aroma.

1.4.2013 Lattian tervaus kotelosuojamönjäys 007
Here you can see one constructive mistake in the body. Above the floor is some kind of reinforcement sheet metal ( look under the red tool ) point welded above to the profiled floor plate- hole cars wide.  Above all, is black cardboard. That´s good place for water and humidity to make their corrosion work ! Previous owner has made his home works well, there was nothing rust because of rustprevent ! Thanks Pertti !
1.4.2013 Lattian tervaus kotelosuojamönjäys 005

If Pertti´s pedantic care has lasted 50 years, I will continue the same way. Instead of oil, I use Pine Tar- a lot of tar, which have homely Finnish forest aroma.  Floor plate´s has small grooves under the black cardboard which can be time by time under water. ( because winter time snow comes inside from your shoes and then melt to the floor. This just some info to the readers for example from California and Australia). That fore is important also prevent those areas. I use 1 meter long special spraying tube, which I push under the cardboard. That way practically hole floor are was handled.

1.4.2013 Vaihteiston takatuen äänieristysvillakuppi 003

Here you can see Important thing;  Gearbox resonanzi muffler. A cardboard tube full of insulation wool.

1.4.2013 Vaihteiston takatuen äänieristysvillakuppi 001

If you forged put it place, gearbox noise will comes to the drivers cabinet trough the gearbox rear end fastening bolt !

1.4.2013 Lattian uudet kovalevyt 002













Finished by new floor hardboard´s- Job is done.
















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