Water hose change.

Cooling system is in important thing for every 2t Saab. I have all ready bought an new build big capacity radiator, so the next step is look water hoses. I kept only the two S-hoses which goes and comes from heating element. That´s because, they look and feel good, and because of S- form, they are not such easy to replace.

One good hint I have. I find out that water pump hose which has very special form, is easy to replace from ”Webasto- heater” universal hose with U-turn in both end. You can buy an hose, length 2,5 meter, and then you have special hose for two engine ! Or one just keep it in trunk as a spare part. Other finding was, that Old Saab 900 radiator hose is suitable for short nose 2t engines cylinder head –>radiator. Dimension is right, and there is good junction form to use.

9.4.2013 Vesipumpun letkun vaihto 001

Above the new universal ”Webasto”- hose.

15.4.2013 Konehuoneen uusia letkuja 002

”Webasto- hose and Saab 900 radiator hose.

9.4.2013 Vesipumpun letkun vaihto 002

”Webasto- hose” in place. Looks near as a original.


Heater valve

Heater valve was stuck, no wonder after 32 years. Because i noticed that there is ”plan B” available, I open it and take look how it works. After parts were some days in citric acid bath, they looks actually very nice. The only problem was rubber membrane, which was hard and out of service- I thought.  I put it to brake liquid bath for a week, and hope that it comes more flexible. It do that, and I put all the parts in place in reverse order. Now its just hoping best if it doesn´t leak… Oh yeas, the ”Plan B” that´s my Saab friends Erik Randa from Sweden or Onno Kempink from Holland. They both have repaired valves for reasonable price.

15.4.2013 Lämmityslaitteen hanan kasaus 002

After citric- acid bath.

15.4.2013 Lämmityslaitteen hanan kasaus 001

Membran in brakeliquid, which usually makes rubber more soft.

15.4.2013 Lämmityslaitteen hanan kasaus 003


Repaired heater valve, ready to installation.


Erik´s solution: http://www.randa.se/heaterventilation-system.html

Onno´s solution: http://www.classicsaabparts.nl/a-18325724/brandstofsysteem-koelsysteem-en-verwarming/reparatieset-kachelkraan-t-m-1962/







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