Master cylinder replaces. Thanks to which is selling repro brake mastersylinders to short nose Saab’s, I managed to fix the one of the most important safety parts to our old Saab’s.

In a beginning, my target was a rebuild the cars original one, but it was so badly corroded both out- and inside that it was impossible to use. Then I open the extra one I get with a car, and which look pretty nice outwards. After washing it and cleaning it inside by using citric acid, it was clear that this one was also badly corroded inside- Hole cylinder walls are full of ex rusty craters and cylinder that fore worthless to use. has a nice web shop for car enthusiasts, and there you can find out also “hard to find” spare parts for your old Saab as well as for other car brands. There I find out re-produced master sylinder for short nose Saab’s year models 1962-63. Master sylinder is made in Denmark, so the quality of the product will be good, I thought and order one. Only one and half day after my ordering, the postman drives to my yard package with him. And all with normally post service from Sweden to Finland. So it is, when web shop and logistics works, as it should!

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Repro brakemastersylinder. Price 2250 SEK (round 270€ today)

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Bottom rusty cars original one. Pleace notice cylinder end which is hexagonal. In a middle, the black one is new one from The sylinder most up is the spare cylinder i got with a car.

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One R&D issue I involved with master sylinder. I have been in duty in a past close contact in European automotive industry R&D, so it was naturally task for me take a look closer. I recognize that cylinder has machined 5mm shorter than original one. The problem was, that cylinder end was too wide to brakeline´s junction part and the corner of the cylinder end reaches the junction. The other problem was, that bolt threads reach the bottom too early and junction part didn’t tight in its place proper way. Third problem was, that brake tubes was hard to turn to the junction part.

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It is important to clean cylinder head paint before installing the junction part.

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I solve the problem by using double copper O- rings. After that the problems were solved and it looks that brake hydraulic system doesn’t leak. Feedback discussion with was useful; the solution of the issue is, that they now delivered cylinders with double 3mm copper rings with those cylinder they still have a stock. The reform for cylinder production has now informed to the manufacturer and Co- operation works that way perfect!

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Ready to instal brakefluid reservoir

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One important thing; dont forged to clean fluid reservoir inside ! Its more important task than how it looks from outside.

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