Gentleman´s, start your Engines !

20.4.2013 Savut koneesta ja testiajo 009

Wonderfully TwoStroke Smoke. I like this picture, its like a symbol for Saab´s future.

After tight battle against time since I start my UrSpecil- project January this year, It was time to face the spectacle moment- Engine start-up ! 8th Januar was starting, and I made target that the car is driving condition beginning May, same year. So there was challenge to survive on time.

Previous owner of the car told me, that he has turn engine regularly during all years and that he has put also some oil inside engine. So do I also when I bought the car eight years ago.

So, don´t do nothing which is not necessary, in this case open the engine. After I had checked intake air filters, make sure that under ignition distributor cap is not any dirt, and after fuel pump had made their work it was time to turn ignition key. Long, long start and then it happen´s ; My own Phoenix wake up !  Crankcase full of 2t- oil it was unforgettable moment. Hole  yard was full of  blue two stroke smoke.

20.4.2013 Savut koneesta ja testiajo 003

The car has had Saab Sport Engine all ready very early days. Because it has stayed a long time, it was necessary to turn oil pump by hand ( 50- 100 turn counter clockwise) and make oil pre- pressure to the cranksaft bearings. It was nice to have possibility to call and ask all kind of things round the car from the original builder. I haven´t repair two strokes so much, so all advice were necessary.

3.5.2013 Testiajo LPR (2)

First test driving for neighborhood. Same Lake Saimaa, which was frozen just one week before.

Test trip to Lahti and back to home- 400 km

Hole idea for that crazy trip with half ready car was that I have possibility to make surprising for previous owner- Pertti Aronen. He is all ready 83 year old, and it would be nice to show him that the car get good care and its driving condition again. He is also member a club, named ”Primulan jengi” which is club for old rally & racing drivers and mechanics. This gang made a bus trip to Lahti and join two event; Suomen Moottiripyörämuseo ( has summer opening event and Classic Motor Show (  hold same time.

I woke up 5:am and drove to Lahti, just before old Gentleman´s arrive. You should have seen Pertti´s first impression- totally surprised and newer believed.

4.5.2013 Testiajossa Lahden CMS (6)

 96-62 on the front of Moottoripyörämuseo together with ”Primulan Jengi”.

4.5.2013 Testiajossa Lahden CMS (11)

Pertti Aronen, old Saab rally &  Ferrari Race mechanic from 50-60´s front of his Old Saab (on duty between 1962-1980).

4.5.2013 Testiajossa Lahden CMS (8)

Inside Moottoripyörä  Simo Lampinen show his dad´s Raine Lampinen´s Norton Manx Racing motorbike- My favorite bike !

4.5.2013 Testiajossa Lahden CMS (9)

Here Simo with his old Triumph

4.5.2013 Testiajossa Lahden CMS (13)

Classic Motor Show parking place is big event also. I have luck to find parking place beside red 95-60. Notice roof and dashboard.

4.5.2013 Testiajossa Lahden CMS (16)

Castrol Actevo 2t- motor oil. Thanks for good lubrication, hole trip without any engine damage !

Notice also original Castrol Cap from 60´s, which I got with the car. Red 95 is moved last year from Stockholm to Finland. I met the owner, and it looks, that the car has find good home.

By the way: because of tight time schedule, I haven´t time to write two technical reports, which might be interesting for readers. That fore I make 96-62 restoration blog part´s 16 and 17 later. Keep in touch !
































































































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  1. dan joseph

    Be careful with that castrol actevo, they recalled a whole batch that was contaminated, you should find something on the www

    • Tikkis

      Oh, sound interesting. What´s the market area/batch # ?? It could be, that it has been only one mixture for some country etc.

      Anyway, Im happy if the engine run´s some trips, it has stayed so long time.

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