I got some nice photos from ACN-403 and Antero Laine´s ex co-driver Kalevi Pälve and from Petri Reinikainen whos uncle drove the car also in late 70´s as a member in Nortti Rally Club. ”Nortti” is North State nick name , and sponsored well finish motorsport in 70´s until -77 when the law change and it was unpossible to make any alcohol or cigarettes advertising any more. Antero Laine drove first rallies with the car in blue & white works colour and finished for example 10th overall in 1000 Lakes -75 and won end of the year Pohjola- Ralli -75. How those Nortti period rallies get, its still lit bit unknown for me, put the older guys has told me that Antero drive like a hell his Nortti Saab´s, even so fast that many times he faced technical problems.

Here is straight link to the car


ACN-403 Nortin uudet vaatteet_VM

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