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Racing class : Team : Model year : Model : Drivers : Registration : AR-900 Engine : 750cc twostroke GT special- engine with dualport garburettors Power output : Transmission : Special / Notable : 1000- Lakes 1960 Winning car before Saab Works team Sweden. Oy Importer Ab was officielt Saab import- company in Finland and its boss Carl-Otto Bremer was succesfylly Rallydriver in his time.

Saabille tuli jyskälästä kolmoisvoitto:
1. Carl-Otto Bremer, Juhani Lampi, Saab 96, AR-900
2. Erik Carlsson, Lennart Simonsson, Saab 96, P80351
3. Carl-Magnus Skogh, Rolf Skogh, Saab 96, P9293

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