Former SAAB- factory in Finland have wery good news. As a mark of respect after SAAB and Porsche- production period Valmet Automotive has signed next contract to produce Mercedes Benz CLK- models. That positive news results round 1000 new employment. And thats something special when for example VOLVO move sametime step by step its production to China.

Here press release:

” November 16, 2016

Valmet Automotive launches the largest recruitment campaign of its history

Valmet Automotive will recruit over 1000 new carbuilders and white collars for its Uusikaupunki car plant. New staff will be needed in all functions and personnel groups for the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV production. . The recruitments will take place through several campaigns, the first of which is launched today with 250 open positions.

The series production of the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV will commence at the Uusikaupunki plant in early 2017. The manufacturing contract for the Mercedes-Benz GLC follows that of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Valmet Automotive has already manufactured over 100.000 A-Class vehicles.

The recruitments for the GLC production will be implemented gradually through several campaigns to ensure sufficient personnel resources that constantly correspond with the production capacity and the growing need of the production divisions. In addition to the carbuilders, approximately 100 white collars will be recruited in production, production support functions and engineering service. The schedule and extent of the campaigns will be announced separately.

In the campaing starting today, Valmet Automotive will recruit 250 carbuilders in various positions in body, paint and assembly shops and internal logistics. Instructions for applying are available on Valmet Automotive’s website. Further information is available on Valmet Automotive’s Facebook site. The campaign closes on December 18, 2016. Interviews and the selection process will start immediately thereafter.

– Valmet Automotive’s long term dedication and focus on improving its competitive position globally is now visible in a high-level volume of orders and the exceptionally large-scale recruitments. Investments in robots and production automation are playing a significant role in our current development, says Mr. Ilpo Korhonen, CEO, Valmet Automotive.

At the moment, Valmet Automotive’s personnel at the Uusikaupunki plant totals 1550. During 2016, approximately 200 persons have already been recruited. Together with the subcontractors working on the car plant area, the plant personnel totals almost 2000 people, and after the forthcoming recruitment campaigns, the total will be around 3000.”

And some photos from Helsinki Auto2016- show where Made in Finland- Mercedes have its own luxury stand. Just wondering myself, how CLK looks if its blue-white and towing blue&white Works Saab`s behind.. ?

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