Time for rallying ! After some engine downgradings (head´s & camsaft, ca 135hp), was time to join Finnish Historic rally serie´s first summer rally. Main task was to testdrive car & drivers´and come more familiar with those new FIA Helmets & HANS safety equipments. We had only 3 partisipants in our class (group 2, yearmodels 1970-71, under 2 litre) our Saab and two 142 Volvo. The other Volvo pilot is fast and is normally driving top between all the historic cars. So class win was nearly inbossible to us. Second place was nearly sure, and after SS5 our placing was as planned, second in our class with clear margin. Front of us started wery nice Escort TC, which´s driver doesn´t have any need to bush hard to take own class win. That result that all those first 5 special stages (round 7-13km long) we comes right after him to the SS finish. Otherwise it wasn´t big deal, but last SS6 was 22km long and we reach slower Escort allready half a way. As a unlucky, weather was wery dry, and gravel roads dust made inpossible to see the road and make takeover and we need to brake down our speed. That result that we loose more than half an minute time in last SS and sametime we drop to third place in our class.

IMG_0493Route was wery nice and enjoyable, little bit too fast for Saab. Main thing, drive whole route thru without problem was our target. And we reach that. The car works perfect and after many unlucky rallies it was really nice to drive all special stages.

I find out from Youtube some videos where Our Saab is with.

”pata78” has a good knowledge where is good place to film. Here in his film AYA-10 is   0:43 from beginning:


Here some photos

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