Saab rallyhero Simo Lampinen was FIA observer when Nokian tyres made new world record on ice with new studded Hakkapeliitta 8 tyres. Look amazing youtube video:











Simo R. Lampinen (left) and Jaakko Markula worked as the official supervisors of the record.The new world record for fastest car on ice was achieved by Nokian Tyres, when test driver Janne Laitinen drove at a speed of 335.713 kilometres per hour (208.602 mph) on the ice of the Gulf of Bothnia on 9 March. Grip and speed like never before were ensured by the new spearhead product for the world’s leading manufacturer of winter tyres – the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 studded tyre. More:


Test driver Janne Laitinen.

Slower speed on ice with Saab and sure- with Nokia Hakkapeliitta tyres ( a little bit older ones..)

Lamposaaren jäätiellä Nalle kartturina 17.1.2013 010











Saab 96 V4 yearmodel 1971 with studded ”Hakkapeliitta 09” 155 R 15 ; topspeed 150km/h on ice, tarmac, gravelroads, highway, autobahn etc. Photo taken januar 2013.

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