Ahvenisto track is one of the most legendary sircuit in hole Scandinavia, located close Hämeenlinna town city centre. Due that fact, it has faced strong opposition for some minority who dont understant its historical value to finish sport´s. Not only for motor sport, Ahvenisto has been very activity scene for winter sport; ski jumping, skiing etc.

Glory days in this track were back 70- to late 80`s, when track and rally cross were more popular in Finland. Last years the track has had nice ”come back” and Ahvenisto host- Tuomo Kurkisuonio- has made good co-operation with Hämeenlinna town as well as those peopple in ”opposition”. Ewen we in Saab club reach this fact, when some of club members doesn´t get permission go to track because of too high noise in their car. Every car sound level were measured and they should be under 95 db. Now it looks that circuit´s future is safe hand, and we hopefully see nice track events in the future.

Here is Ahvenisto homepage: http://ahvenistoracecircuit.com/


Tommi has made nice video from that event including giving a gift to Simo Lampinen. Here link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QoS14Ow0BM

My suprice to Simo was to serve authentic rally cross Saab 96 for driving. My rally co-driver Antti keep that car in his use and drive just for fun sometimes with it. One this kind ”just for fun” driving ended final gear damage just one week before Ahvenisto event ! But, those old rally guys are know what should do; Antti took gearbox out of the car, find out some extra parts, and phoned former Saab Works Team mechanic Eikka Malm to help. Thanks for them, yellow rallycross car was ready to race as planned. Here below some photos.


Authentic Åke Andersson´s Saab 96V4 rallycross/Hillclimb car yearmodell 1977.


Simo has just arriwed from firs turn, Antti show´s how all the instruments works.


”POWER STEERING; why they don´t made this to works Saab´s, its amaizing !” wondering Simo.


Simo and Jyrki Ahava. Couple who wins 1000 Lakes rally twice with Saab Sport.


Saab Works Team mechanic Eikka Malm, Antero Laine`s mechanic Antti Mäkeläinen, and Simo on the front of Åke Anderssons winning Hill Climb Saab.


Lampiset katolla  (2)

Some weeks ago I was driving in Porvoo and make short stop for logal flea market. And what I find out, three pair of Lampinen Ski´s ! Now idea what to do whit these, but if I have one of his cars, why not also one pair of Ski´s ? This photo has taken countryside near Porvoo way back to home.

Ahveniston moottorirata 026

Here Simo is explaining how Fiber Foam skis revolutionize markets in middle of 70´s. Lampinen Ski was oldest Ski factory in Finland, established 1901, and Simo droves the company as a third generation. Because of decreased markets, he notice that it was better sell the company 1984. Behind Simo on the left his co-driver in Blue White Works team- Juhani Markkanen and on the right co- driver from two stroke time- Jyrki Ahava. Its wery nice that old legendary Saab gentelmans have time to join our Saab events regularly.

Ahveniston moottorirata 027

Signature from Ski maker´s. Historical moment in fact.

Ahveniston moottorirata 029

Tommi get his own pairs.










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