There has been some interesting car events during two months. has own small exhibition stand in Lahti Classic Motors Show, beginning may where we show Pertti Aronen´s Saab 96 Ur Special for public first time since it has been last time in duty 1980. Beside UrSpecial, Tommi has his shortnose -64. Nice event with totally near 20000 spectators.

Next event for UrSpecial, and actually first really trip after renovating/conservation, was roadtrip to Trollhattän Saabfestival 2015. Totally 1200 droven kilometers was succesfully testtrip for the car. Only some minor repair such a clutch repair need to do, and after those tiny fix I thing the car will serve many enjoyable kilometers thru Europe.

Last but not least, I visit Truck Fairs in Helsinki week ago. That was pure professional interest, but I find out one wery interest Vehicle- Truck Racing European Championship Truck 1991- SISU Made in Finland. SISU won three Championship in row 1991-1993 and this Truck in Fair was in duty first Championship year 1991. Saab connection is via driver Jouko Kallio, who drove succesfylly Saab 900 T16 rallycross car in European Rallycross serie back 80´s, and who won two European Truck Championship with SISU. The truck looks to be wery good nonrenovated condition.

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