It should be still winter, but looks that spring is coming. This week I met two nice ”Oldtimer” Saab during my duty in work. And not so usually Saab`s & Owners. First I met one Finnish Saab Club member waxing his 1982 Saab 99 PETRO !

And it`s still equipped with Saab Works Finland`s developed Twin-fuel system- Petro. The owner told me, that he has kept technic in shape, and he can easily start to drive with Petrol/Kerosene or normal Bensin. He has made long road trips with that Saab to Carelia, Both side the border, without any problems. When I looked that car with over 300 000 km in tacho, I thought maybe worlds northest car manufacturing plant, located in Finland, has been much more advanced as many peopple in car world has noticed; 30 years later Bi-Fuel cars are so common both Europe and US- market.

99 Petro

Saab 99 Petro. Petrol refueling cap is located license plate`s left side.










Other nice watching was Saab 900 GL, as well as yearmodel 1982, equipped with rare rear Spoiler ( and known label in rear window). This Saab`s Option I haven`t seen long time. Most nice thing were, when I noticed driver, thats suprised me totally. Behind the steering wheel was ”Mr Classic Motor Show” Risto Laine, former Suzuki World Rally Team manager. Risto told me that arrangements for this year CMS is nearly ready. Saabworks as well as Finnish Saab Club has own stand`s there. Our plan is to show Twostroke Saab`s; mine UrSpecial and Tommi`s -64 bullnose.

Here you can read more info about Classic Motor Show

Ripan 900GL -82

Ripan 900GL -82.jpg_2

Risto behind his 160tkm drove 900 GL.


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