Better late than never !

One of the organizers- Etelä-Karjalan wanhat ajoneuvot ry´s vice president Matti Särkioja called and ask to cup of coffee. Idea was to finally give the first price cup from Suur-Saimaan Ympäriajot -event which we won with my co-driver some weeks ago. As we fins are work orientated, we made short pit stop near my driving route. Thanks Matti, coffee brake is all ways welcome ! The cup is now placed close to other rally cup´s.

This summer I got wonderfully possibility to test drive Scania with wood chip- semitrailer.

Some photos for you reader who might be a branch as well, but maybe other part in the world.


Matti on the right, and me front of  500+ hp Scania.


All the driver´s should made their loads themselves; in this case bark chip, which used later on (winter) for heating power plant. In the scoop is round 3000 kg.


Fully backed, round 50 tons total weight ready to move from point A to point B.

Semitrailer (yearmodel 1997 !) is chain unloading- type with hydraulic cover.

Point B. After thousands of hauls there might be big hill of storaged bark chip ready to warm up  Lappeenranta Town in coming winter. Woodchip trailers in Finland have a heat isolated sandwich walls. So no freezing problems in wintertime.



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