Original AYA-10 engine, which damaged in Kymen Jääralli 2001, need totally maintenance & rebuild. The engine has been part of the car long time, probably allready end of 70´s. It has made to Group 2 under 1600cc, 92mm bore, single exhaust manifold and suprising; with English CT- manifold. AYA ex driver from 1000 Lakes 1977 told me, that he had that manifold when he finished 3third in his class in that spesific rally. I drove some rallies with the engine 1997-2001 and that time installed to USK-13. As I remember right, the engine was competitive with this ”Short” ENGLAND- cross flow manifold. So, after long wait its time to rebuild engine again, and maybe take a look in some historic rally how it feel to drive with ”old School”- tuned small V4 !


Start point; washed V4 block and lot of parts&piecesP1010026

New bearings to camshaft and balance shaft. And special made tool to make change job correct. Just nearly 15 years last time I used it, so it took a while find out how to use it.P1010027

Long screw, bearingend, machined bushtools for ewery individual bearing and some tubes in different lenghts.


With the tool + pieces&tubes pressing out and in bearings was garanteed.


ATTENTION: this is one of the weakpoint when renovate V4 engine. Thru camsafts central bearing goes oil channels to valve rocker arms, and its thatfore extreme necessary to do sharp work during installing. Here in this photo you can see the oil channels in engine block as well in bearing (which in this photo hasnt bush in place, yet). It could be, that you need to check out many times before bush bearing in place.


Same special tool is used also when bushing balance shaft bearings in place. Same attention as in camshaft bearings; be sure that oilchannels are still open afterall !





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