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After I made some adjustment (check the previous post) I have driven 360 kilometers of road test  – even on 1000 Lakes type gravel roads when I visited grandmas house in the countryside. Some little things needed to do, such as gearshift column adjustment. I drove also to summer gottage via Puumalansalmi bridge. Puumala is a beautiful commune at the middle of Saimaa. Like Greece it usually has a lot of sunshine in summer time as well as economical problems. I took some photos from Puumala Marina and Village. Nice thing was two blue&whites in the same photo – the sky and a Works Saab…

After the trip I immediately did an oil and filter change. Now old oil was like it should be; black. There was still some oil burning, which can be because of those ten years bad oil in the sump guard which may have caused some corrosion to the cylinder and piston rings. Due to that I added some STP smoke treatment to oil.

I have dream: a once a lifetime drive on an F1 circuit! Now its looks quite possible, AEU sounds promising. SPA and IntSaab2012 – that’s the target now. Hopefully everything works well. Last trip to IntSaab2009 happening to Netherland was so hot that my co-pilot said never ever again with car without AC. So I made a quick solution; buy a tiny electronic fan to dashboard! Well, lets test it – I´m 100% sure I will get feedback. Very last operation today was visiting the sticker workshop and finishing the car with repro 1000-Lakes starting numbers to bonnet and trunk lid. Marko Niinimäki ( ) did a good job again. Thanks!

See you in Spa, Belgium

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