96 tarvikeratti ”tee-se-itse”, eli vaatinee vähän askartelua tööttimekanismin osalta. Hyväksi jos haluaa, niin täytyy nahottaa uusiksi. 50 € 96 lyhytnokan peruslohko, ei apulaitteita, kampura ja männät sisässä, jumissa. 80 € Lisäksi löytyy vielä toinenkin lyhytnokan peruslohko, tyhjä. Kappaletavarana joitakin tärpättiruiskun kaasuttimia (ei triploja!) ja 6-pulttisia imusarjoja. Tommi Järvinen, puh. 0442142552, […]

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By Tikkis After the organizer for the International Saab club- meeting inquired if I would bring the original Works 96 to Spa together with Simo Lampinen I was a little bit nervous how I would manage it due to a leakage in the engine gaskets. My more realistic choice was […]

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  By Tikkis After I made some adjustment (check the previous post) I have driven 360 kilometers of road test  – even on 1000 Lakes type gravel roads when I visited grandmas house in the countryside. Some little things needed to do, such as gearshift column adjustment. I drove also […]

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  By Tikkis Since I restored AEU in 2001-2002 I haven’t had any possibility to drive it because of leaking sylinder head gaskets. The car has still its original 1815cc engine with loose copper ring headgaskets. Something went wrong when I assembled the engine in my garage in Malmö Sweden […]

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  By Tikkis: As a temporary timeout from rallying I have target to join interesting enthusiast happenings. One which has interested me a lot past years is “Suur-Saimaan Ympäriajot” which is a roadtrip to enthusiast vehicles minimum 30 year old. The name comes from Saimaa, what is the biggest Lake […]

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