It has been tight year, and almost nothing time to do anything in a garage. No either any special Saab happenings. After roll- over last autumn repairing of my Ex Works Saab has made slowly way, step by step. As a future investments, or maybe to secure I dont need […]

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Time to lift the engine to its place.  One of the most important thing to do in every Rally 96 is exhaust pipe strenghtening. Here some photos out of Saabs original Exhaust manifold and Y-junction; stuff´s from 70´s which were without strenghtening weldings. Those things shown here, are tiny things […]

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                      After Zinc- paint has tried enough it was time to paint strengthened kit from below. Fastening made as it was done in early days by using pop- rivets. After riveting the consol, I finished the surface with Miranol- paint; […]

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Waiting for the summer… Here’s a short clip from last year: Tikkis putting the AYA-10 through its paces. Sounds pretty awesome to me! Tommi

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When driving nearby Kangasala, visited I Mobilia- Car Museum. Main reason was just look how my old Rally Saab sleeps over wintertime in Rally Hall of Fame. Everything looks just fine, no problem.  For both domestic and International tourists, I warmly recommend make short trip to Kangasala, for example during […]

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