When driving nearby Kangasala, visited I Mobilia- Car Museum. Main reason was just look how my old Rally Saab sleeps over wintertime in Rally Hall of Fame. Everything looks just fine, no problem.  For both domestic and International tourists, I warmly recommend make short trip to Kangasala, for example during Neste Rally Finland. There is two different Car-Museum very close each other. The other one, I now visited, is concerning for rallying. There are some authentic cars as my AEC-501 and some replicas in mint condition. Here some photos:

6.2.2013 Mobilian Rally Hall of Fame 003

AJB 33 B  is  Ex works Timo Mäkinen / Paddy Hopkirk / Rauno Aaltonen. Autenthic Works Mini and 1000 Lakes winner car 1965.   Between Mini and Saab 96 is tiny Renault Alpine. It would be nice to test-drive it in forest stages!

6.2.2013 Mobilian Rally Hall of Fame 001

AEC-501 Ex Works Tapio Rainio / Stig Blomqvist.  Authentic Works Saab in non-renovated condition as it has saved. Still the same sponsor stickers as in last rally period in group- F   in year 1993  and Historic rally period 2004.

I have wondered a lot whether I should fixed it as it was in RAC- rally 1974, or Some of  Tapio Rainio´s Finnish rally champion events, or as it was in Hankiralli 1977 when Stig Blomqvist won Saab 96´s last International rally victory. Or then just keep it, as it was when I won the last rally I have drove with that car and still have those starting numbers on the door. Good question and no wrong or right answer.

6.2.2013 Mobilian Rally Hall of Fame 002

Rainio´s Saab has good company with right side 1000 Lakes Winner 1961 Mercedes / Rauno Aaltonen. Left side is some real stuff as the real Works Mini and some typical mint replicas as Ford Escort and so one.

Here some info: http://www.mobilia.fi/english.html






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