In Finland we have a long and dark wintertime. Its good to have something interesting to do and that way keep our mind happy.  This winter I will make one Special project- two stroker –62- which has been in use last time 1980.   It´s special to me many way; its same yearmodel and colour as my 95- like a sister and brother-, and I bought this car for its first owner.  We are both Finnish Saab Club charter members and first time I expressed an iterest in this Saab allready 1996. It wasn´t for sale in that moment, but we made somekind of ”gentleman agreement” that in case he will to give up that car he will contact me. That moment was 2005.   Since then, the car has waiting wake up. Summer 2012  I washed the car from  dust, just in Case I have time to do something to it.

Last week I started by lifting out engine & gearbox. Yesterday I wash the engine room and make first two repair weldings to the body.  I will make some repair raports, step by step until the car is in traffic again. Keep in touch.



Saab 96-62 has been same parking lot round 20 years! Thanks to asphalt floor, and dark windy place, the car has survived quite well. Look co-driver´s door; how neighbour drivers have hit their door against Saab. Extra work to me. Photo has taken summer 2005 when I bring the car from the first owner (behind the car). I got also wonderfull rooftrack which has been use in Monte Carlo rally service 1960 !

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  1. colin brennan

    I have recently been left a Saab 96 I think but I need help recognising the model it is a two stroke, it has triple downdraft carburettors,. I believe it is 1996 colour grey I think it has squarish headlights but bonnet is missing, I renovate Ford cars but no nothing about Saab except working on them in the 1970,s. Can you help, is it restorable, is it worth renovating, are parts available

    In anticipation
    Colin Brennan

    • Tikkis

      Hello Connan. Please send some pictures to our e-mail , its more easy to say after have seen photos.

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