After 94 hour’s in citric acid bath

 28.1.2013 tornin vahvikerautojen Sitruunahapotus 94 tunni jälkee 001

The strengthened consoles looks pretty nice and good enough to painting. The results might be better when using warm liquid.

28.1.2013 tornin vahvikerautojen Sitruunahapotus 94 tunni jälkee 002

With wire brush all the loose rust was easy to wash out with clean water. Also the crater bottoms were clean of rust.

28.1.2013 tornin vahvikerautojen Sinkkimaalaus

 To prevent corrosion in the future, I use Zink-painting. Würth-Zinkpaint was so thick viscous that it was necessary to dilute it with thinner and that way make sure that paint reach also crater bottoms. By the way; it is amazing how quickly clean sheet metal take new rust surface, so you must paint parts immediately after took away from acid bath!

 Take a look Saab 96 V4 FIA rally/racing classification

Tornien luokitellut vahvistukset 1281

Saab made body strengthened classification 1. October 1972. This is copy of FIA Classification 1608 which is made for Saab 96 V4 with bigger 1,7 litre engine.    Luokitustodistus 1608 tornin vahvistuspalat











FIA Classification component nr. 1281 looks pretty similar than these early “prototype strengthened kit” which has made this my project car already decade before




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