AYA10 Rally Of The Thousand Lakes 1970

50 years ago today – August 20th 1970 – at 19:00 hours begun the Rally Of The Thousand Lakes 1970. It was a qualifying race for the European Championship with 54 special stages. It was also the first rally for the Blue&White Finnish Scan-Auto Saabs. The Finnish team had one […]

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Looks like Saabworks.fi has just gathered a total of 96 000 pageviews. That’s a nice, round Saaby number! Thanks folks!

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Hankiralli (Hankirally) was at its heyday probably the most demanding winter rally in the world. Monte Carly Rally had some snow on the mountains but Hankirally was 1500 to 2000 kilometers of nonstop snow and ice – and darkness. The very first Hankirally was run back in 1955. The 52nd […]

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Leo Kinnunen (born 5th August 1943) is a Finnish motor sports legend. He started in motocross but also did rally and track racing. Leo is probably best known as a Porsche driver and for winning the Interserie Championship for three times in a row (1971, 1972, 1973). But Leo was […]

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Simo Lampinen 70 years.

The saabworks.fi team wants to congratulate rally maestro Simo Lampinen for his 70th birthday! Simo Lampinen was born to the Lampinen Ski Factory owner family in June 22nd 1943. Simo contracted polio at a young age which could have meant an end to his career even before its start. But […]

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