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Racing class : , Team : Model year : Model : Drivers : , Registration : USK-13 Engine : V4 1500 Power output : 100 hp Transmission : Special 1 gearset Special / Notable : Jorma Nurmi drove with strong Scan- Auto support to one Finnish Championship and two second position in Finnish Car orienteering- serie 1979-1981. The car was wery famous in its time. I bought it 1992 and changed it to F-group rallycar. I also Won South-Finland F-group Championhship with this car 2003. After that nowdays owners has use it for Historic rallying.


  1. Kultaa-ja-hopeaa_AJA-1-1981 pdf

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Jorma Nurmi autosuunnistus kilpailussa 1983

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    jorma nurmi autosuunnistus kilpailussa 1983

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