Garbage disposal works well.

By Tikkis

Yes, I did it !

After I have had collection hobby last 30 years (least) my home and garage was narrow and chaotic place. Not only for myself put more or less for our ”household manager”. She was joking me all the time how my garage look like yankyard. Yes sure it look, when collecting all bossible from sticker to posters, from Saab parts to books and magazines, from Maps to brochure, from old tyres to used Saab parts which I might need some day… You might noticed that feeling when you think that nothing cant throw away- you may need it tomorrow !

Actually it was more easy than i thought before. You just shut out your eyes, and throw things to trashcan. Some items, practically ewerything can burn out, you just throw to the trailer for waiting nice countryside trip; its so easy.  

 But because of saving things so long, and because some of them can be goods which other enthusiast are looked for long time, I put some of those FOR SALE in my website. So please, look out ”For Sale” – section, there might be goods you need more than I. 

Attention: Some of the prices depend on what kind of goods they are, and how much I need to do when sending them, or can you pick up them personally etc. Its also possible to change those directly to other Saab parts which I can use in my own renovatings: Shortnose 95-62 and 96-62, 95 V4 1975, V4 rallyparts; V4 Lucas fuel injection parts .

 Here in Photogallery is some of the ” Highlights” between all those findings I made during garage cleaning. Please notice that these are not for sale !

Saabworks Crew; Tommi & Tomi hope you Merry Christmas and happy new year. Keep in touch.

Written by Tikkis

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